Balanced Membership Program

BOMA Greater Tampa Bay implemented a Balanced Membership Program in 2014. This program will seek to achieve a 50-50 ratio of Principal to Allied members in our local association. We are encouraged that this program will further engage our members as important attendees, committee members, and partners of BOMA.

BOMA Greater Tampa Bay continually evaluates the delivery of our mission, feedback from our members, our alignment with BOMA International best practices, and the return on investment of membership through our executive director, committees, and board of directors. One of our top priorities is the balance of membership between our Principal and Allied categories, with the goal of increasing Principal memberships. We have tracked the success and trials of many other locals throughout the United States who have implemented a Balance Membership 50/50 policy, providing for a balanced membership between Principal and Allied categories.

Balanced Membership - 50/50 Program: The 50/50 Program follows the Category Mix model, which identifies a number of Allied members to establish a 50/50 framework. This model will be factor-driven based on the number of Principal members to maintain a 50/50 ratio. The maximum number of Allied members will be based on the total number of market participants in the Tampa Bay area.

Required Participation: The 50/50 Program requires attendance or sponsorship for continued Allied (service providers) membership. Allied members are required to attend eight (8) of the thirteen (13) monthly membership meetings that are scheduled  per year.  We suggest that you actively participate in a BOMA committee too, although committee meetings DO NOT count towards the participation requirements.  You can also qualify to keep your membership in good standing as an annual Platinum or Gold level sponsor of the local. Failure to attend the minimum of eight meetings, would relinquish the Allied membership position.

  • Our 8 monthly membership luncheons (usually held on the fourth Wednesday of each month)
  • Property Management Showcase (held in April)
  • TOBY Judging
  • Sustainability events (tours, beach clean-up and green apple day)
  • BOMA sanctioned Allied Mixers
  • Holiday Party
  • Golf Tournament (held in May)
  • TOBY (November)
  • Poker Night (June)
  • Engineering Breakfasts
  • Advocacy Day in Tallahassee (held in the spring)
  • Industrial Committee educational events
  • BOMA charity events (Met Min, Ronald McDonald House, Goodwill volunteer day (later this year).
  • Annual Sponsorship at the Platinum or Gold level

Principal Ticket: Direct and immediate admittance of an Allied member into our membership can be achieved by linking their application to the application of a NEW Principal member to our local association. Any potential Allied members who is responsible for bringing on a Principal member will be able to join at the same time.

Waiting List Protocol: The waiting list application is available here. Once the application is submitted the potential member will be place on the waiting list. The executive director and Membership Committee will be charged to continually maintain and monitor the list, and welcome new Allied members as our ratio allows.