Code of Conduct


  •       Do become involved in committee(s) to find value in service.
  •       Do attend luncheons and after-hours events.
  •       Do build beneficial relationships within the Local Association.
  •       Do treat others with respect.
  •       Do know the Code of Ethics for BOMA GTB.


  •       Don’t hand out business cards at luncheons, unless asked.
  •       Don’t send email blasts to the entire list of BOMA GTB Professional members.
  •       If you desire to contact a Professional Member either by email or phone, know their business and               respect their time.
  •       Don’t sell – Network.
  •       Don’t share BOMA GTB lists with outsiders.
  •       The BOMA GTB directory is for paid membership use only.
  •       Don’t use your phone during luncheons. Respect the speaker and others at your table.