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Allied Members - As you know, BOMI International provides education to professionals in the property, facilities and systems maintenance industries. Completion of BOMI International's education programs leads to attainment of the RPA®, FMA®, or SMA® designations. 

To maintain status of these designations, BOMI International graduates are required to meet a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement every three years. Allied Members are now able to become CPD providers to facilitate such classes. If you are interested in becoming an Approved Provider, please complete the Approved Provider Application and return to BOMI International.

Completed applications, with a sample copy of your course completion certificate/letter should be submitted to: 

BOMI International
Professional Development Department
One Park Place, Suite 475
Annapolis, MD 21401
1-800-235-BOMI (2664)
Fax: 410-974-1935





CMCP™: The New Certification for Property Managers Who Want to Fast-Track Their Careers

Finally, a CRE certification that provides early recognition for foundational knowledge and guides the next generation of property managers toward greater responsibility and success in their careers: the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP).

  • The CMCP instantly communicates your ability to be an effective property manager with a strong understanding of the responsibilities of the role
  • The certification can quickly assist employers with on-boarding new property managers by assessing industry knowledge and career potential
  • The CMCP exam is based on rigorous standards and reflects the industry’s latest best practices

Qualify with as little as one year of property management experience and 30 hours of property management education from any source.

Save $100! Pay just $575 if you apply by September 1 (fee includes application, exam and CMCP candidate handbook)

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The CMCP is brought to you by the Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute (CRECI)™, which is backed by BOMA International and BOMI International, market leaders in industry education and training.

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CMCP Exam Prep Made Easy

Prepare for the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) exam and satisfy the 30-hour training requirement in one easy step with the new CMCP Exam Prep Course, brought to you by BOMA International and BOMI International.

  • Conveniently offered online with unlimited access for 6 months
  • Incudes 7 easy-to-navigate sections covering topics in the CMCP exam
  • The digital course book is searchable and allows for the creation of study aids
  • Includes quizzes and a practice exam to test your knowledge

Save $50! Pay just $445 if you purchase by September 1.


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BOMA Greater Tampa Bay Area provides the latest tools and techniques for effective real estate management to meet the demands of a rapidly changing legal and professional environment. Learn how to attract and retain more tenants, improve your corporate assets, and strengthen your credentials in our classrooms, networking events and programs. Augment this training with our local classes or online classes conducted by BOMI International, led by the world’s leading experts in commercial real estate. 

Experience Requirements

Students who enroll in the RPA® Designation Program are required to demonstrate three years of verifiable property management experience or equivalent. The experience must be performed for a portfolio or building 50,000 square feet or larger. Work-related experience must include responsibility in 24 of the 35 criteria outlined in the outlined in the revised Experience Requirement criteria verification form.

Course Requirements 

BOMI International has retired Fundamentals of Real Property Administration course. The RPA® Designation Program will continue to call for completion of seven required courses and one elective course. Please note that program requirements depend on when you enrolled in the RPA® Designation Program. 

If you have questions regarding the experience or requirements, please contact a BOMI International Education Coordinator at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) or e-mail [email protected]


 Here are ten reasons you should gain this valuable certification to help your career and your company...  Attend our classes to ensure you gain the most from the program.

  1. ENERGY SAVINGS – An RPA® understands how a building operates at peak efficiency and can implement an effective energy management program. With a working knowledge of all integrated building systems and their care and maintenance, an RPA® can reduce operating costs, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. LIFE CYCLE COST SAVINGS – The RPA® is a long-range planning strategist with a formula for getting the most value for the replacement, retrofit, and maintenance dollar. With a thorough understanding of project development, codes, regulations, lighting principles, equipment, pest control, and security, the RPA® will not waste dollars on short-run purchases, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. BUDGET CONTROL – The RPA® manages from a finely-tuned, financial perspective. Putting this knowledge into practice means more dollars to your company’s bottom line, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. REDUCED RISK – The RPA® is skilled in risk appraisal, personal and property liability insurance, self-insurance, and other important techniques for handling risk. By reducing your exposure to unnecessary risk, the RPA® can help SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. PROPERTY PROTECTION – The RPA® recognizes potential legal problems, addressing them correctly and avoiding them if possible. By tapping working knowledge of the critical aspects of owner liability and judicial procedure, the RPA® can properly protect your property, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. ASSET MANAGEMENT – The RPA® has a complete background in investment finance and investments valuation. The RPA® makes decisions on a day-to-day basis, understands how to guard the company’s balance sheet, and contributes to the overall profitably of the business, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. STAFF LEADERSHIP – Being an RPA® means complying with a standard code of ethics and conduct in employer, employee, vendor, and contractor relationships. The increased knowledge and practical personnel management techniques of an RPA® can reduce turnover, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. STABILITY – The RPA® understands a property’s life cycle from conceptualization to demolition. Fundamental knowledge of structural design, property analysis, and real estate values maximizes return on investment in each phase of the cycle, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. MARKETING RESULTS – The RPA® realizes the importance of tenant management relationships. The RPA® is well-versed in marketing strategy, property analysis and survey, lease documents, negotiation, tenant renewal, and the turnaround of troubled properties, minimizing lease turnover, helping to SAVE YOU MONEY.
  1. ROI – When your company invests in education for your onsite team, the organization gains a step-by-step approach to effective management. The RPA® education program creates enthusiasm, job satisfaction, and knowledge, translating to increased efficiency and having a trained staff that will help to SAVE YOU MONEY.

Not sure what classes to take, review the BOMI PAGE to help you research the designation and certification programs, so you can decide what educational path is best for you.