Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a membership application on-line?
It's an online application process so there's no need to download it.

I am not certain if I am an Allied member or a Regular member.
Allied members are firms that provide services and products to the real estate industry, including but not limited to lawyers, consultants, accountants, designers, contractors and architects. Regular members are those who are property/facility/asset managers, developers or building engineers. Another way to look at the distinction is that Allied members perform tenant improvement design and construction, install a new roof, provide building maintenance and security, sell a product, etc.

What is the cost of membership?
Membership dues are determined on an annual basis and are based on individual members.

One property manager for one year is $675. Additional employees from a property management firm are $350 each.

An Allied member for one year is $675. Additional people from the vendor firm are $350 each.

If you join in the months of October, November or December you will pay the annual fees (listed above), so it is like getting 15 months of membership for the cost of 12, if you join in October.

All memberships expire December 31st. E-reminders will be sent around December. If you are unable to pay your annual membership fees by March 15, your membership will be suspended. Vendors, to re-join, must go on the waiting list.

I would like my building to join. How do you compute the membership dues?
Membership is based on individual members, not on square footage that you manage. 

Since I am joining during the year are dues prorated?
No, the only membership discount is the '15 for 12' listed above.

Is the membership for one person or for the company?
All memberships are at the individual level, not for the company.

How many people may I add to my membership and is there a cost for additional people?You can add as many as you like. Bear in mind that we have a reduced rate for additional members from your firm. We also have a waiting list for our Allied/vendor members.  If you currently have a vendor membership, you can add another vendor from your firm for $350.

My membership shows one person as being federated with BOMA International. What does that mean?
The federated member will be acknowledged as the representative for BOMA International. In addition to receiving BOMA GTB mailings, the federated representative will receive information at the national level from BOMA. The federated representative will be entitled to member pricing for BOMA International events and publications.

If I am a member of BOMA GTB is there a discount in joining other BOMA associations?
There are approximately 92 BOMA associations throughout the United States, Canada and Internationally. Each BOMA is a separate entity responsible for specific geographic regions. There is currently no discount provided for multiple BOMA memberships.

Why sponsor a BOMA GTB event?
Sponsorships provide an opportunity for a member to show brand support and demonstrate ongoing commitment to our industry and mission. Sponsorships highlight the sponsor's business, services and/or products to event attendees.

What benefits do sponsors receive?
Sponsors are recognized in the event's printed materials (if appropriate) and on the BOMA GTB website. Additional benefits are available based on the sponsorship level and may include logo placement on event signage at the sponsored event, the opportunity to distribute informational materials and discounted or waived registration fees.

How do I find out the various levels of sponsorships available and their costs?
The BOMA GTB website: under the Calendar tab select the event of interest to view details and or register. Or you can contact the BOMA GTB office at or call (813) 443-5595.

Must I be a BOMA GTB member to sponsor or advertise with your association?
Yes, membership is a requirement to secure sponsorship.

As an event sponsor am I able to set up a table or distribute my company literature at the event?
Yes, depending on the venue and the sponsorship package offerings.