Earn Cash Back from The Home Depot!

BOMA members participating in a national rebate incentive program with Home Depot have earned $13 million in rebates to date – and more than $4 million! You can too!

Enroll in the program and receive a 2% annual rebate on all qualifying in-store and online pre-tax purchases* (a qualifying purchase is any pre-tax purchase on a registered account), plus other special savings and services. Enrollment is FREE and EASY. You can register any form of payment accepted by The Home Depot, including checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards and The Home Depot accounts.

The next annual rebate period is March 1, 2021 - Febraury 28, 2022.  You can enroll at any time; however, the sooner you enroll the sooner you start earning your rebates. Rebate payments are issued annually within 60 days of the end of the rebate period.

Enrollment is now open, and you must enroll to participate. Click here to see the BOMA International’s web site/Home Depot Pro page, for more information, to view a customer registration and enrollment guide or watch a short video for quick and easy instructions. Or, call 1-866-333-3551 and mention BOMA.

Be sure to enter the program code BOMA when you register. Once you enroll, you’ll be able to manage your account, add new accounts, add new users and check your account status. This program is for commercial accounts only and is open to all BOMA members, including vendors and suppliers.

Enroll today, and start earning money on your company’s Home Depot purchases!

*Note: Annual purchases must total a minimum of $10,000 to qualify for the rebate.

Enroll in 5 Easy Steps

To sign up, call 866-333-3551 or visit homedepot.com/proxtra OR click here

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There are now two programs from the Home Depot that will benefit the local BOMA Association Members:

Home Depot Store Program-PRO-XTRA Enroll your current Credit Cards and business name online with the stores. 10,000 minimum spend and 2% rebate to you and 2% rebate for local BOMA.  (Directions attached)

Home Depot Institutional Program-I can set this up. Please email me best contact information and I will reach back out. This offers BOMA tiered pricing on MRO and Janitorial items as well as 2.5% quarterly rebate no minimum spend to local Association.