How to Join

The Association attempts to maintain a balanced ratio of Regular members, consisting of Property Managers, Engineers and Owners, and Allied members such as vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc. Membership approval for Allied members may be delayed if the preferred ratio is not being met. Allied members may bypass the ‘waiting list’ by joining with a Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Building Engineer or Building Owner.  They must work full time for a property management firm that manages office, industrial, retail, government or medical office buildings in our charter area of Hillsborough and/or Pinellas Counties. Anyone who is not a property manager or a building engineer, click ‘Vendor Waiting List" tab to the left to be added to the waiting list.

Property Managers, Engineers and Building Owners are granted membership status immediately, after the conditions of membership below are met.


Membership is contingent upon maintaining adequate insurance and mandatory licenses, as required by the State of Florida.

You must be paid in full in order for the Board to approve your membership.

There will be a $50 replacement membership fee each time your firm changes the membership name to someone else's name.

Service Provider Members must attend orientation prior to attending events so we can learn your expectations and you can learn ours.  We highly advise that property managers attend too.

Members must attend at least eight (8) events per year to maintain ‘active’ membership status. The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend membership if eight events per year are not attended. Events are described as ‘any BOMA activity offered on the calendar of events’ and include, but are not limited to, meetings, education, BOMA Day, TOBY Awards, and socials. 

  • Our 8 monthly membership luncheons (usually held on the fourth Wednesday of each month)
  • Property Management Showcase (held in April)
  • TOBY Judging
  • Sustainability events (tours, beach clean-up and green apple day)
  • BOMA sanctioned Allied Mixers
  • Holiday Party
  • Golf Tournament (held in May)
  • TOBY (November)
  • Poker Night (June)
  • Engineering Breakfasts
  • Advocacy Day in Tallahassee (held in the spring)
  • Industrial Committee educational events
  • BOMA charity events (Met Min, Ronald McDonald House, Goodwill volunteer day (later this year).
  • Annual Sponsorship at the Platinum or Gold level


Membership can be revoked for unprofessional conduct during BOMA events, or for violation of the General Conditions listed above.

Dues are non-refundable. Invoices must be paid within sixty (60) days, and is the responsibility of the approved member, to ensure payment is submitted timely.

The deadline to be approved will be the third Wednesday of the month.  Please have your on-line membership applciation and payment to the BOMA office by then.  Membership approvals will happen once a month (usually the fourth Wednesday of the month), and you will be sent a welcome email with your login credentials within a week after the Board approves your membership.


Property Managers, Engineers and Building Owners OnlyClick here to apply online and follow the instructions.  Please only select one membership type when joining.  

Contractors, Service Providers, Vendors, Suppliers, etcClick here to be added to the waiting list.


Principal (Property Management Personnel) - Membership Yearly Investment $685

Principal membership is open to individuals, partnerships or corporations that own, develop, manage, lease or control commercial real estate. As a Principal member you will be affiliated with BOMA International in Washington, D.C. A portion of your membership dues will be allocated to BOMA International to support and implement vital activities in the areas of industry legislation, lobbying and education.

Additional Principal - Membership Yearly Investment $360

Additional Principal membership is open to individuals, partnership or corporation who own, develop, manage, lease or controlCommercial Real Estate. Each individual  joining under this membership level must have one Principal Member enrolled in order to qualify for the Regular Additional membership category. As a Additional Principal member you will be affiliated with BOMA International in Washington, D.C. A portion of your membership dues will be allocated to BOMA International. 

Industrial Managers - Membership Yearly Investment $245 - Anyone who is employed by a Property Management Firm that exclusively manages industrial properties. See below for the Industrial info-graphic.

Allied/ Professional ($700) and Allied Additional Membership ($375) is for vendors or suppliers for the commercial real estate industry. Allied Membership is closed at this time, BOMA GTB is currently utilizing a balanced membership program / philosophy.  Currently, the ratio of Allied to Principal members has been met.  Because of this, your application will be put on a waiting list.  To learn more about the balance membership program and ways you may join now click here to be placed on our Waiting List, please click below for more information or to find out more on how to join now click here.  

If you are able to find a non-member, commercial office, industrial or retail property manager, building engineer or assistant property manager, to join at the same time, you can avoid the waiting list.  Ask your commercial property manager clients if they know about BOMA and have them visit our website if they are interested. If they join, you can too.  You are under no obligation to pay for their membership.  Contact the BOMA office if you find a manager who will join at the same time, so we can pre-qualify them and send you instructions on how you can join.

Engineer  Professionals -  Membership Yearly Investment $360 - Engineer membership is open to any building engineer, technician or support personnel that has one Principal member from the Company.

Emerging Professionals -  Membership Yearly Investment $360 (first year or partial year free) - Open to all Property Managers, Assistant Property Managers or Tenant Coordinators who have been in the Real Estate Business less than 7 years and their company has one Principal member from the same company who paid their annual dues already.

Some of the dues rates above will be pro-rated for those who join in July or August.  

There is a $50 member replacement fee for Allied members.

Your Industry Voice ~ By becoming a BOMA member, you put your strength and that of your company behind our local, state and national leadership in dealing with issues affecting our industry.